About Us

Asarwa Mills is a century old mill in the centre of Old Ahmedabad city. The city has an age old history of being the heart of the textile manufacturing industry of the country for the sheer amount of Mills it had. Reigning since the 1900s, Asarwa Mills joined forces with the Bengal Tea & Fabric Ltd. in 1972. Asarwa Mills has always been a renowned name, known mostly for its quality of products and relationships with its customers.

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Our Products

A premium collection of fabrics in cotton, cotton lycra, PC blends and more

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Shri Sanjaysingh Rathore

Sanjaysingh Rathore is the President of Asarwa and has over 27 years of experience in the textile industry. He has played an integral part in the growth of Asarwa and has been instrumental in shaping the company’s technology-focused expansion strategy today. He works to achieve smooth operations in each component of the production process as well as high customer satisfaction.

What our clients say

A premium collection of fabrics

We are happy with the quality of the fabric which is delivered by Asarwa. They are very professional and their fabric is also of good quality.

Neha Patel

Production Manager

Consistently staying ahead of the fashion curve with our fabrics

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