Our Fabrics

A World of endless fabric possibilities. We at Asarwa Mills, produce an array of items. Some of which are:

Bottom weight fabrics

Cotton and cotton lycra and PC  blends
1. 40s x 30s+ 30s lycra dobbies
2. 30x 20s + 20s lycra twill, etc

Fabric textured layers background

Shirting piece dyed fabrics

Cotton and cotton lycra blends
1. 60s 100% cotton satin, twill and dobbies
2. 40s 100% cotton poplin, twill and dobbies
3. 30s 100% cotton twill
4. 60s x 12 + 16 slub plain
5. 40s x 30s dibbies

Uniform shirting fabrics

PC blends
1. 45 pc plain
2. 40s pc plain


Manufacturing and Machinery

Asarwa Mills state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities have been invested with scale, cutting-edge technologies and integration. Located strategically, the manufacturing facilities are integral to the success of the company.

Our factories are well equipped with ranges from Toyota, Kusters, Centrum 8, Benninger, and others which accredit us with global standards and set the homecoming course for our customers.